Under Karder’s core competencies, we are poised to support government and industry by providing a range of information technology and information management services. Karder’s uniqueness lies in our ability to provide high quality services and products with a rapid turnaround, without compromise to customer service.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Area of Expertise
At Karder, we recognize the complex role of the Chief Information Officer, especially those in the public sector. Our management has graduated from the Federal Government’s CIO University and holds a Federal Chief Information Officer Certificate. We’ve directly supported CIOs on a daily basis for several years and understand the vast quantity and notably, the diversity of projects and tasks for which a CIO is responsible. This makes up a very unique and challenging role in any organization.

Information Technology/Information Management Strategy, Policy & Governance
OMB/GAO Submissions
Action Officer / Technical Analysis Support
Portfolio Management
Technical Writing
IT and Strategy Transition Planning

Enterprise Architecture Area of Expertise
Karder understands the unique mission and enterprise architecture challenges of government and government-affiliated organizations as they develop and organize enterprise architecture programs and products. Our work for Chief Information Officers, Chief Enterprise Architects, and Chief Technical Architects performing Enterprise Architecture planning and development to aide decisions and guide Programs of Record for the Department of Defense (DoD) gives us insight to the intricacies of the Chief Architect’s mission. Our work with DoD entities involved identifying and documenting their unique requirements, developing prototypes, importing legacy data, testing, quality assurance, and configuration management. We are energized to bring the same results to every client. Our experience with automating the business processes of government offices minimizes for Karder, the learning curve required to effectively help other public and private sector organizations accomplish their missions. Karder’s senior managers are both highly skilled and trained Enterprise Architects who hold many achievements in the field. We understand this area very well and will apply our expertise to building and maintaining effective EA programs. Karder is solution centered and will plan and execute programs focused on the desired end state.

Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
Federal Segment Architecture Methodology (FSAM)
DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF)
Business, Data, Application, and Technology Architectures
IT Standards Management
Capabilities Based Assessments

Business Process Modernization Area of Expertise
Our streamlined approach to business process modernization is an end-to-end solution, beginning with requirements identification and documentation; and leading to leaning, automating, and refining. We examine and document existing business processes and lean where appropriate. Karder has successfully applied web-based technologies to automate business processes across large organizations to achieve cost avoidance. Our innovative approach includes, but is not limited to developing and implementing workflow automation, trigger-based email notifications, web-based repositories, real-time status tracking, and stoplight and dashboard displays of data through the application of seasoned architects, proven methodologies, and customized COTS. Business processes Karder has successfully modernized include, but are not limited to personnel management, audit management, tasker management, resource management, BRAC management, application migration management, IA compliance management, process management, and recruitment management.

Business Process Mapping (As-Is and To-Be)
Work Breakdown Structure
Identification of Process Stop-Gaps and Weaknesses
Cost/Value/Risk Analysis
Legacy Process/Data/Application Transition
Continuous Process Improvement

QuickBase Customization Area of Expertise
Karder’s expert COMP TIA Security+ certified QuickBase developers have developed and implemented QuickBase-powered web-based applications that have supported organizational goals of modernizing business processes in order to realize enterprise-wide efficiencies.  The web-based applications serve as centralized information sources and initiative tracking tools to aide in program execution and decision support for many government agencies.  This has been achieved through the automation of workflows, email notifications, real-time visual displays, and data repositories focused on critical data sets that promote situational awareness and decision support. Karder customizes QuickBase to serve as a Task Management Tool, Survey/Data Call Instrument (incorporates real time dynamic dashboards displaying survey results), Data Repository, Resource Tracker, Project Management Tool, Anonymous Email Router, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Environment based on customer-specified business processes.  Karder has performed the full range of requirements identification & analysis, application development, dashboard development, user account management, user assistance, configuration management, and training related to QuickBase application customization for the following customers:

 Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA)
 Army Office of Business Transformation (OBT)
 Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics & Technology (ASAALT)
 Headquarters Army Materiel Command (HQAMC)
 Research, Development & Engineering command (RDECOM)
Army Contracting Command (ACC)

Customers can be assured of Karder’s QuickBase application customization abilities, as we are an official member of the QuickBase® Solution Provider Program.