Karder Corporation prides itself on adhering to the following principles when engaging with both our clients and team members.

Relationships – Form client relationships selectively: Clearly understand what the client’s expectations and level of personal and organizational commitment to the project.

Expectation Management – Balance the client’s expectations against conventional wisdom, industry technological direction, applicable policy, technologies on the horizon, tactical requirements, and top-level strategic guidance.

Flexibility – Be flexible to move along with client needs and changes in direction, while communicating changes in cost, schedule, and nature of deliverables to client.

Loyalty – Have a strong sense of loyalty to the client and organization – or don’t sign the contract. Treat employees and team members with a deep level of respect and hold them in high regard, as you would have them treat you.

Superior Customer Service – Go the extra mile to please a customer. Be thorough, respond to requests and inquiries quickly and do everything with a positive demeanor.

Team Synergy – Do whatever you are able to facilitate the efforts of your fellow team members. Listen carefully with an open mind to other’s suggestions and insert your thoughts, suggestions, and efforts whenever
you can add value.